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This is the art portfolio of Martin Nausner
all work presented here on this site is all
original art by Martin Nausner 2004-2012.



Time moves fast - be patient with me. A lot has changed for me 2011 and
I did not have much time to spare. Needless to say, that my art projects
were suffering...
Another year, and I got plans. Just wait and see.

January 2012



It was about time to do a serious update, stuff that I've been working on
during the last six months.
In 2010, I was very busy so far - got to plan my future and there are a few
things I have to do to make this happen. In the beginning of July I was
at a major conference, I had to finish a publication, so I could show
some results on a poster...
In my spare time I painted another ukulele for myself, I went to India
on a summerschool to learn about solid state NMR, I started a huge
practise piece "King of Oaks" which I updated earlier - but now it is
realised as my brandnew business card!!!
I finally started with modelling clay, and I'm quiet pleased with my second try,
I finished a script for a new movie (9mm style but i expect a duration of
up to 15min) which i'd like to shoot soon, and I'm fooling around with some ideas,
that came to me in NYC which were not yet realised...
So you'd better watch, if all is going according to plan, there will be
more updates soon.
There was also the illustration of the reporter. A friend was writing an
article about journalism and the crazy working hours reporters have today.
"Curiously" his artice was refused everywhere...
I also made layout, design, photography for a 18 page guide to get, maintain,
keep a flat, for a social club Wohnplattform that tries to keep people of
the road. The latest edition is printed 6000 times in 5 languages.
You can imagine, I'm quite happy about that. Enjoy!

July 2010



I started this a practise piece - just a character, so I could focus
on the painting process (photshop), without getting distracted by all
the things I'd want to put in.
I also followed a tutorium i found in the 'fantasy art' mag.
it also took me forever...

I'd like to put this on a playing card, "King of Oaks" (I still have
to do the design, for now its just the illustration) , he got the mace
handed down by his barbarian forefathers to crash his enemies and
crunch some nuts, the orb "all nuts belong to the king" and the
kingly crown and coat.

June 2010



Some friends are writing a blog about movies and games (in german) that
i'd like to recommend: Darkagent
They asked me to paint a banner for them, here's what they got:

March 2010


9 mm

The experimental Shortmovie "9 mm" is the first serious try of Martin in
making movies. It was shot at available light with a Nikon D200 dslr with
28 mm & 50 mm prime lenses.
The sound was recorded separately and then synchronised.

The film idea was born with a couple of coffee and some half pints, when
Bernadette & Martin were talking about office humor, and that some jokes
are just for "the boys" - and sometimes you just can't stare down the funny guys...

More Information and Photogallery at: www.Creatorscup.at

March 2010



Some time ago my girl asked me for a Ninja - perfect if you asked me!
Sooo perfectly trained as I am, I only had to spend something between
60 & 70 hours to get her the perfect pic.
I got a lot of crits in that time, and I mostly had the feeling I did
everything wrong, and of course I ran out of time in the end...
But I remembered what Bobby Chiu keeps telling people:
"Frustration is good! It means you are learning something!"
He is right of course, and I kept going and I managed to produce something
I'm quite satisfied with after all - and Luise got her Ninja!!
So be aware, she's really dangerous now! Don't sleep at all!

Dezember 2009



Those of you, who have been following my blog [Mens] || Docu » in
the last six months know most of this stuff.
Anyways I updated a number of photographs, some are located in the
new subsection "LINZ 09 special", the rest, like the pics i shot in
brno, vienna & seattle are put in the respective genres...

Dezember 2009


25 a LUNA

My little brother became 25 years today... Well I had some ideas
and was able to motivate myself to doing something practical.
The little bugger is playing the Ukulele & has lots of fun doing so.
He also is a rat - according to the chinese horoscope - and he likes
that pretty much too.
So well I started with that idea but had a lot of boring time, where
I had to wait for the paint to dry before doing the next layer...
I got another idea and just started fooling around, and was pretty
surprised, that I had it done in time. Well see for yourself:

November 2009



Remember my friend OLIVER? - Well, he wrote a book again!
Guess what! - I did a Cover... again ... ;)

September 2009


[Mens] || Docu »

So what about that?

Well - I thought, I had so many followers on my NY blog
- which was a bit of a surprise - on the other hand it was NY -
soo I thought, I'll show some stuff from HOME for all my friends abroad...
I don't think I will be able to travel a lot - but fortunately Linz is
"european cultural capital 2009" (together with Vilnius, Lithuania) -
so there might be a lot to see, and I got a lots of ideas for artprojects,
and I'll post all that stuff here too. [-click-]
Don't expect me to post as frequent as I did in NY...

August 2009



I made some nightshots of Manhattan from New Jersey and
printed my own postcard. I sent over 50 back to Europe
and left the rest in the flat in NY - my luggage was just
too heavy... Maybe I'll do that again some time!!

June 2009



I overworked my website with special focus on the layout, the organisation of
my link collection and a long overdue update of my portfolio.

June 2009



I've moved to NY, you can follow my daily adventure at: ALIEN IN NEW AMSTERDAM

February 2009



The Band A Better Sun of some friends produced a very nice album "Universal One" - I was asked to do the Artwork for the Cover, Booklet and CD. I'm very pleased with the result, and think the Album is definitely worth buying. If you're interested contact THOMAS

December 2008



New product photo CREATORS CUP (shop) not yet updated.
Photography & Model: Me
Photography assistant & Light assistant: Bernhard Gallistl

October 2008



My very good friend OLIVER JUNGWIRTH got his book MONOD published.
I did the photography for the cover:

You can buy the book HERE and HERE

May 2008


i love art - when i look at artwork i feel everything, sometimes it makes me smile...
i like to draw and paint - however i'm not able to spend as much time on art as i would like.
i'm a chemist, i have a job, i have friends, i have a girlfriend (and i like to keep them all),
and i like to do sport .... - so maybe this is my way to compensate my desire for doing art -
i surround myself with art, i buy books from the other side of the world and pay customs duty >:/
which is really annoying - the whole world is wired and still people/countries restrict themselfs.

the site itself is nothing spectacular, more or less the bookmarks i'd like to share...
i've started to organise them somehow - it's still a bit vague, because some minds work in
different spheres, and when they create, they simply blow up all bonds!
i still tried to squeeze them in some categories for you, so hopefully you'll find
something beautiful you will remember!
i'll try to update links continously and remove the dead ones.
i'm not responsible for any content of the linked websites - just have a look or don't.
have fun! 2004 - 20XX


contact me if you would like to talk about anything: contact@digigrafia.net